Many ask me why I travelled across the Atlantic to do my training. The decision came from right here in rainy England.

I started my PPL in Cambridge where i learnt at an early stage it was going to be a long course of training. The alarm would go, I would pack my flight bag, jump in the car excited about the lesson for the day.

20 mins later a call from the flight club:

“Jon the cloud base is to low / the vis is to bad / the weather just not good enough for your lesson today”

On the 4th occasion that was it, I was done. This is when the seriousness and intent kicked in to find a course of training full time where I could turn propeller blades in a location that allowed me to do so. Hello Florida!

After joining 2FLY Pro Pilot it become instantly apparent to me training in Florida, USA was the correct decision. First week in theory done, second week going solo, third week cross countries and fourth week check ride for PPL license. It was fast, efficient and a huge confidence booster to be able to complete my PPL in such a manner.

And this pace carried on a time built around the east coast whilst completing my IR. Here are my takeaways why flying abroad is a must to start your training.

 1.  Weather: So much initial flying is completed VFR (visual flight rules) therefore a sunny / clear location means for more efficient training
 2.  Price: With fuel cheap / no tax and no landing fees its very affordable to build a breath of experience and quality flight training in FL
 3.  Diversity: over 100 different airports in FL alone and some of the busiest airspace around Miami / Orlando in the world you will learn in a fast paced and dense environment. Great for building those multi-tasking skills and capacity.

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