Here are 5 reasons why I think a career as an airline pilot is still one of the best professions in the world and why you should not put off following your dreams just because of Covid 19. 

1. Travel

Not only will you see the world but get paid to do it. Securing a job as a short haul pilot will allow you the opportunity to travel to many countries in a short amount of time. This was one of the main reasons why I entered into the industry. Long haul allows you the time to go even further afield with what we call a ‘lay over’. Imagine having 48 hours or more to spend exploring countries you never dreamed of going to – often on the other side of the world. What a treat! 

2. Salary 

With pilot training being an expensive investment, it’s nice to know the return is made pretty quickly. Starting salaries for flying jets across Europe are high with incremental increases based on experience. The biggest pay step is when you are able to achieve status as a ‘Captain’ in the left-hand seat allowing your salary to land easily into the 6 figure mark. 

3. A unique career 

How about being able to do something so few people get the opportunity to do? Fly a complex jet every day and get to say, “this is my career”. I still pinch myself when I push the (TO/GA) button on the trust levers each day on the runway and spool the CFM56 engines up on my Boeing 737. What a truly rewarding and fulfilling experience it is to fly passengers and operate a jet on a day to day basis. 

4. Job variety 

The career of a commercial pilot doesn’t have to be one set to strict constraints. Of course, most want to be an airline pilot flying passenger aircraft but there are a multitude of different career paths you can take. Business aviation careers allow for a lavish lifestyle and lots of time off. Maybe you have a desire to teach in which case instructing and/or examining would suit your aspirations. The variety is endless. Sky diving, aerial survey, firefighting, touring, ferrying, bush piloting, crop spraying. Do some research and see the adventures you could have with a professional pilot career.  

5. Time off

Have I mentioned the fact that EU pilots are restricted to a maximum of 900 flight hours each year? Therefore, expect months off throughout a typical year. Your roster will give you ample time to pursue other things in life. Many pilots go on to gain a degree in their spare time – just for the extra qualifications – though you certainly do not need one to be an airline pilot.

In aviation we work to live but also live to work. This is what I love about the profession. With all the travel perks – such as heavily discounted or free flights for your holidays, it’s hard not to feel privileged.

So what do you think? Is a career in aviation something you might like? If so, why not find out more by coming to meet myself and my colleagues at an Airline Pilot Career seminar at a city near you? Alternatively, if you would rather not travel, attend an online webinar which we hold each month. For upcoming dates and times click the button below.

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