2FLY are always improving and enhancing their flagship airline programme in order to make it the best full time professional pilot training course on the market. Earlier this year we introduced a Jet Orientation Course (JOC) which features time in an actual jet. Our latest addition due to commence in the fall of 2020 is the Airline Orientation Course (AOC).

Many courses of training leave the student pilot to his or her own devices, letting them simply burn holes in the sky in order to achieve their required hours. However, it is very important that these hours be properly structured and that real routes are planned and flown so that you start as you mean to go on.

2FLY have now taken this one step further. As it owns a small domestic airline which covers Florida and the Bahamas it now intends to offer select Pro-Pilot Airline Programme students the opportunity to fly with the airline so that they gain invaluable experience flying real commercial sorties and at the same time, gain some of the hours normally achieved during the hour building stage.

The AOC will be available to students who perform well – both in assessment and during Phase One of training. Buzz Air’s Chief pilot will have the final word. As Buzz Airlines is an on-demand airline the AOC flights are strictly subject to demand.