Pro-Pilot Airline Programme 2022

Our flagship full time Easa ATPL programme


2FLY’s flagship Pro-Pilot Airline Programme is a full time fully EASA compliant ATPL course of training designed to enable a cadet with little or no experience to achieve a commercial pilot’s licence with an instrument rating plus complete a combined multi-crew co-operation and jet orientation course.

The Pro-Pilot Programme has been enabling aspiring pilots to achieve their goals for over 15 years. Every year 2FLY finds ways to enhance and improve the student experience in order make them the best pilots they can be.

The features and structure of this new programme for 2020 are as follows:


  • Course duration of 16 months
  • You will achieve an EASA Airline Transport Pilot’s Licence (ATPL) which includes:
    • Commercial Pilot’s Licence (CPL)
    • Multi Engine Instrument Rating (MEIR)
    • Airline Pilot Standard Multi-Crew Co-operation Course (APS MCC)
    • Advanced Upset Prevention & Recovery Training (A)UPRT
  • Training locations of Florida & Spain: great weather, amazing facilities, minimum delays
  • 16 months accommodation in private house shared with other students included in training fees
  • Training fees paid in instalments
  • Money back training guarantee subject to passing the Skills Assessment
  • Training loans available – both secured and unsecured


  • Fly up to 8 different aircraft types
  • Gain up to 50 multi-engine hours flying around Florida and the Bahamas with our own airline Buzz Airlines in the Airline Orientation Module (AOM)
  • Experience Jet training at AFA’S brand new Dublin facility owned and run by Ryanair – Europe’s fastest growing airline


  • Total flying hours 219 hours
  • Total Theoretical hours 750 hours
  • Buzz multi-engine hours 50+ hours
  • APS MCC & A-UPRT 43 hours
  • Flight Training Simulator Device 24 hours




Phase One of this three-phase programme is conducted at 2FLY’s main base on Merritt Island in Florida, not far from Orlando and the closest airfield to Cape Canaveral. The staff and instructors are very friendly and you will meet students from a wide range of countries – UK and other European nations, all the South American countries, India and the Caribbean. This is because 2FLY trains for both the European (EASA) licences and the FAA (American) licences.

The Pro-Pilot Airline Programme is designed to give you EASA licences so that you can fly European registered aircraft for airlines such as Ryanair, British Airways, Easyjet etc.

Your accommodation while in Florida will be a shared apartment not far from the training centre. Click here for more information.

Right, and below, is an overview of Phase One:

What you will achieve in Phase One
  • Private Pilot’s Licence (PPL)
  • Structured Hour Building (HRS)
  • Multi-engine Rating (MEP)
  • ATPL Theoretical Knowledge Training (Ground School)
  • Instrument Rating (IR)
  • Airline Orientation Module (AOM) hour building

There are many unique features which set 2FLY’s Pro-Pilot Airline Programme apart from its competitors.

Here are a few:

You will be flying from day ONE: the vast majority of full time ATPL courses start with 3-6 months in the classroom where you will not see or experience an aircraft until your ground school is complete. The opposite with Pro-Pilot.

Building hours can range from aimlessly burning holes in the sky to receiving fully planned and structured sorties which can be a valuable experience. 2FLY go one better. Selected cadets will be able to join 2FLY’s on demand airline – BUZZ Airlines – to fly real routes around Florida and the Bahamas. You will not get to actually fly passengers but you will fly return legs or outbound legs where appropriate. Furthermore, if you join the Airline Orientation Module, we will bring forward your multi-engine rating (usually done in Phase two) so that you can log twin hours – which is great for your log book and CV. Watch a video here.

Ground School falls towards the end of your stay in Florida by which time you know your way around an aircraft. This makes much of the theory a lot clearer and digestible. No one can avoid 6 months studying in a classroom for the 14 ATPL exams but what better environment to do it but Merritt Island and the amazing Florida. When you need to unwind what better place?

While the purpose of your training is to provide you with the qualifications to obtain a rewarding and fulfilling career, there will be occasions when you need to relax and unwind after intense flying and studying. What better place to do that than Florida. Your training takes place within sight of Cape Canaveral and close to Universal Studios, Disney Land, Kennedy Space Centre, Sea World, Gatorland and the Everglades – to name but a few of the world-famous local attractions, you will never be lost for things to do in your leisure time.



Phase Two of this two-phase programme is conducted at 2FLY’s partner training centre at Axarquia Airport not far from Málaga in Spain. It is a purpose-built multi-million Euro facility providing flight and ground training with high-end simulators and cabin crew training facilities.

The setting is superb and is close to major international airports where you will be flying sorties. Your accommodation while in Spain will be a shared house not far from the training centre though when the new student block has been completed (currently being constructed) you will have a room there.

Click here for more information about your accommodation.

Here is what you will achieve in Phase Two:

  • Commercial Pilot’s Licence (CPL)
  • Multi-engine Instrument Rating (MEIR)


Your first module will be to complete the EASA Commercial Pilot’s Licence (CPL). This will be conducted on a complex single aircraft Piper Arrow PA28R. A ‘complex’ single means it has a retractable undercarriage and a variable pitch propeller – requirements for the CPL. This licence gives you the right to earn money by carrying passengers.


Your next module is the most important one: the final EASA Multi-Engine Instrument Rating (MEIR). The skills test for this module will be your last and complete your flight training. You will have achieved an EASA CPL with Instrument Rating.



Phase Three of this three-phase programme is conducted with our training partner – Airline Flight Academy – in Dublin, Ireland. We have chosen AFA as our partners for this very important phase of the training.

AFA is a Ryanair approved training organisation with a facility that is state of the art. It gives you the opportunity to finish the Pro Pilot programme knowing you will be receiving the industry leading jet training.

You will complete two modules back-to-back using AFA’s state-of-the-art facility: a combined APS MCC and A-UPRT course.

The Airline Pilot Standard Multi Crew Co-operation (APS MCC) is an enhanced MCC course to train pilots in multi-crew environment up to airline standards. It has quickly become the industry standard and will give you a significant advantage when seeking your first airline job. The course is developed and approved in accordance with EASA AMC2 FCL.735.A. The purpose of this enhanced training is to better prepare the new pilot for the job on a modern aircraft in a modern airline environment.

The Advanced Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (A-UPRT) has been created to allow pilots to gain the understanding and skills to prevent and deal with the Loss of Control in Flight. Since 20th December 2019 it is a mandatory requirement for pilots to complete the Advanced UPRT prior to commencing an initial multi-crew type rating.

The combined APS MCC & Advanced UPRT Course features 40 hours of flight training and is conducted on Boeing 737 MAX Flight simulator. There is additional practical A-UPRT training using a Cessna 152 Aerobat.

2FLY Group are delighted to partner Airline Flight Academy in offering this superb jet training module as the perfect conclusion to the Pro-Pilot Airline Programme.

  • Airline Pilot Standard Multi Crew Co-operation (APS MCC)
  • Advanced Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (A-UPRT)