A knock on effect of the pilot shortage has seen flying instructors head to the airlines in their droves.

Many schools have a chronic shortage which is affecting students in training.

Here at 2FLY, we instigated a recruitment drive some time ago in anticipation of the shortage. So we can report that our latest staffing levels at our Merritt Island Florida facility are in fine fettle. This is important for Pro-Pilot students as this is where you will fly the majority of your hours.

Here is a summary of our current operations:

Flight Instructors – CFI’s – 2Fly Merritt Island, Florida
– 20 full-time (CFI) flight Instructors
– 6 new CFI’s in-house training for the Merritt Flight Line
– 2 new CFI candidates being interviewed next week
– 29 forecasted CFI’s within the next month

Pilot Training Students – 2Fly Merritt Island, Florida
– 100 full-time students in training
– 9 local part-time students in training
– 109 total students in training

So, for your flight training, we are looking at an excellent Student to Instructor ratio of about 3 or 4 students per Instructor.

In addition to this, at our Merritt facility, we now operate a fleet of some 45 aircraft – all owned by 2FLY.

We look forward to welcoming you to Merritt Island to start your airline pilot career!